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Cycletrade- Frequently Asked Questions

How do we grade Bicycles and Parts?

Bike(s) & Parts grading
Grade A+ (Brand New)
Grade A (New Condition)
Grade B+ (Nearly New Condition)
Grade B (Hardly Used Condition)
Grade C+ (Seen good use, however fully refurbished and in excellent order cosmetically and Mechanically)
Grade C (Seen good use, however fully refurbished and in excellent mechanical order however cosmetically it shows signs of good use)
Grade C- (Seen lots of use, however fully refurbished and in excellent mechanical order however cosmetically it has marks and blemishes)
Grade S (Spares and Repair; No longer in full functional order)


    What do we buy?

    We like to buy Premium Bikes and Parts!

    We buy Bikes with a resale value of over £200.

    We buy Parts with a resale value of over £75

    We do not buy old chains, cassettes, tyres, grips, single wheels, or any other fast wearing parts!

    We do buy groupsets, frames, wheelsets, new brake sets, forks, dropper seat posts, and rare retro Bikes and Parts.  

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    What Anti-Theft Measures do you have in Place?

    We have strict measures in place for preventing stolen bikes coming through Cycletrade®.

    1. We only buy bicycles/parts that have a full form filled out online that includes Serial Numbers, Photos, and Seller Details.
    2. We Crosscheck all bikes on our large database as well as 4 other national databases including Bikeregister and Police Databases.
    3. We Pay through Bank Transfer/Paypal once the price has been agreed.

    These measures deter thieves from bringing their Bikes and in turn, give our buyers confidence on the legitimacy of their Bikes.

    We feel that Cycletrade makes the second-hand Bicycle Market a lot safer as the checks we do are much more comprehensive than any other public marketplace.

    How much is my Bike worth?

    Fortunately, Bicycles hold their value well if they are well looked after!

    If you bought a Bike brand new for £1000, regularly had it serviced and kept all the paperwork, a few years later, it may still be worth £650-£700.

    On the contrary, Bikes that are unloved and in need of work would depreciate a lot quicker.  

    We value Bikes on the following;

    Guy that doesnt understand that Bikes Depreciate in Price


    Good Brands hold their value exceptionally well! Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, and so on will always hold good value as they are synonymous with quality.


    we calculate how much it will cost to get your Bicycle up to good working order. Sometimes we have amazing bikes being offered to us, but when there are issues that cost more to repair than the Bikes worth, it can be very difficult for us to make an offer.


    As new models come out every year, like every industry, it depreciates the last years model.


    We love to have the Proof of Purchase shown to us as it helps us trace the Bike’s origins


     What Guarantee do you offer?

    All Bikes we sell will be fully refurbished to the highest standard.


    We offer a 1 Month Repair Guarantee! So, if you have any issues within a Month, we will fix it at no cost.


    We also have a Buyback Guarantee at 60% of what you paid.


    We have an Exchange Guarantee at 70% of what you paid.


    Please Elaborate on the BuyBack and Exchange Guarantees?


    Buyback Guarantee

    We will buyback any Bicycle that was bought from us at 60% of the cost paid (subject to the Bike being in reasonable condition). This is a very popular option for students and travellers as they can have a Bike for between 6 Months to a Year and then when moving, it takes the hassle away from selling the Bike.


    Exchange Guarantee

    Seen another Bike you like through our Website or in the Shop? Already bought a Bike from us? Part-Exchange the Bike you bought from us at 75% of What you paid (subject to it being in reasonable condition). Take the hassle out of selling it privately knowing that we want it!

    Cycletrade BuyBack and Exchange Guarantee


    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch 😊