Cycletrade Grading Policy

Buying pre-loved comes with many benefits in terms of price, accessibility to original components as well as supporting the Circular Economy.

At Cycletrade, we are passionate about recirculating premium bike parts as well as making sure that items are accurately described and sold are in full functional order. But how can our customers trust all the work that goes into this? The sad truth is that most of you will never meet us, the amazing people behind Cycletrade®, so the way we communicate all of this through our website is really important. 

One of the biggest aspects of this comes down to how we describe and appraise the condition of the product we are selling. Until recently, we have been using an A-C grading system to do this. While we liked our A-C grading system, it required the buyer to reference our chart. Furthermore, it wasn't accurate enough to describe the breadth of components we sell. So, we thought it would be best to phase it out.

Instead we will now focus on giving appraisals that are specific to the component type in each listing. For example, when we list a rim brake wheelset, we will clearly cover relevant aspects such as the general cosmetic condition, the condition of the brake track, and the bearing condition. You wont need to look at another page to understand what this means.

Additionally we wanted to clarify our quality assurance, so that you know we meet a minimum standard on all items we sell. In each listing you will see the following:

  • All parts are thoroughly cleaned before selling!
  • All parts are inspected and tested!
  • All our listings include high-quality photos!
  • All our listings are detailed and accurate!

We will never list items that require servicing. If work is required, this will always be done beforehand by a qualified mechanic to ensure the product is smooth and precise in operation before it reaches you.

The A-C grading system will still be in place for older products on the website so we will leave the chart above for you to reference. However, as new products come in and the older ones sell we will see our new system take over. 

We hope you like it!