Our Story

We started refurbishing Bikes, working a few days a week as students.  We would buy premium Bikes that needed some TLC, refurbish them to the best possible standard and sell for the most  competitive prices.  

Customers really liked the way we refurbished bikes, and they were more confident in their purchase knowing that they could get in touch if they encountered any issues.   

As things got busier, we quickly found that there was a large proportion of people that wanted to exchange their Bikes;

We also wanted to start buying directly from the public as there was definitely a need for a Cycletrade, a place to buy/sell/part-exchange your bike, hassle free. Gumtree and Facebook have can be good but there’s no real checks that are done on the bikes before they are sold and there are so many time-wasters and hagglers.

Fast forward a few months, we started getting more Bikes in and needed more space to house them, so we moved to Caledonia Street.

Here, was the beginning of Cycletrade.  We could fit 40 bicycles at a push so customers had a nice choice.

During this time, many customers asked for second-hand forks, shifters, wheels. We started selling refurbished parts at the fraction of the RRP cost. Many parts would be in new condition and we normally sell at half the RRP cost, so lots of bargains to be had.

We then had our best opportunity yet to move into a bigger unit. We are now able to store lots of Bicycles and parts and offer more choice to our customers.

We have got a fully stocked workshop, a dedicated parts area and lots of space for our Bikes and customers. We have also started offering services and repairs!

All of these services; Buy/Sell/Part-Exchange and Repairs and Services can be booked online or In-Store.

Please keep up with our progress on Facebook, Instagram and Google!


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