Cycletrade, The place to buy & sell bicycle parts in the uk

Cycletrade- The place to buy and sell your surplus bicycle(s) & parts in the UK

Why Buy Certified Refurbished and New Bicycle Parts from Cycletrade?  

Have you ever looked for a specific bicycle part from a reputable seller, but the price is through the roof?  

You then order it and you get an email saying 'it's‘ out of stock’!

With shortages in Bicycle Components at the moment, why not try certified refurbished/new parts from Cycletrade and support the Circular Economy at the same time. 

Look no further, here at Cycletrade, we’re committed to becoming the UK’s most trusted source for you to buy and sell your surplus bicycle(s) & parts, whether new or 2nd hand.  

A Bicycle Part is only new for one ride

Topics Covered 

  • Saving carbon emissions and avoiding landfill 
  • Price (Up to 60% cheaper than buying new) 
  • Like-for-like replacements that work! 
  • Support your local bike shop 
  • Our compatibility buddy (Available on 15.05.21)
  • Lots of choice.

Carbon Emissions 

Cycletrade Circular Economy

As one of the first Recommerce cycling brands in the UK, the Circular Economy is at the heart of our operation. Every item we sell comes from you! Whether you’re a LBS with overstock, An enthusiast with a garage full of parts or you’re just looking for a hassle-free sale of a bicycle or surplus components.  

Every item we buy is re-used and given a full life, which will, in turn, reduce the CO2 emissions and reduce landfill items. 

Like For Like Replacements that work 

Cycletrade Reviews- 2nd Hand Bike Parts

Ordering 2nd hand/new parts online can be hit or miss, as maybe they are incompatible, not as described, or defective. 

Our customers tell us, that they have big problems finding like-for-like replacements or well priced bicycle components. Often, they would have to go to wholesalers to find new parts at high prices or buy parts from a marketplace only to find that it wasn’t as described.  

At Cycletrade, we will restore, test , photograph, and provide a very detailed description of the item that you're buying. We will then upload them at great prices! Prices, oh the prices! 


Our Prices are between 50%-70% of the RRP Price and we guarantee the Item is in full working order. 

We’re so proud of our prices, we offer a price match guarantee for any online retailer that has the item in stock. 

We also offer trade pricing to LBS/Retailers where you can find a link here; 

Cycletrade vs Other online retailers, Which buy 2nd hand bicycle parts

Compatibility Checker 

Our very experienced team is here to check the compatibility of an item.  

We’re so sure of our skills, if you purchase an incompatible item from us, we will give you an extra 50% back in the refund!  

Check our Compatibility Checker will be ready on the 13th June; 

Check your bicycle part compatibility


We try to provide the best choice to our customers and weekly upload over 100 Parts. We now have a catalogue of over 1200 Parts on our website and it’s increasing weekly.  

Check our website regularly or join our mailing list to find out about our regular offers and updates! Click here to sign up to our mailing list!


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