Cycletrade; The story so far

Our story began in 2018, when student Keval Gohil started selling refurbished second-hand bikes to support his studies. Although the business quickly caught on in our hometown of Glasgow, sourcing reasonably priced parts was incredibly difficult then.

Determined to keep the business affordable and eco-friendly, Keval spent the next two years studying the circular economy model, introducing a process of extracting and restoring quality parts from second-hand bikes, which allowed to build a healthy stockpile.

That’s when the business evolved from just a refurbished bikes seller to a one-stop shop for all cycling enthusiasts, providing parts and bike servicing. Our ‘Parts Room’, the small space at the front of our warehouse dedicated to components, became an instant success, prompting the creation of an online community where Cycletrade staff answered members’ questions through the unique ‘ask a mechanic’ feature.

We quickly realised the potential of the bike parts trading. Physical shops and online retailers, as well as cycle enthusiasts, all stored huge amounts of surplus cycles and components. Demand for parts from both our walk-in and online customers also surged.

Therefore, since 2020, we have focused our operations on components. In the process of moving the business online, the pandemic hit and, as the national lockdown promoted active travel, the demand for bikes and parts skyrocketed. This spike, coupled with supply issues, made sourcing affordable parts even more challenging. Yet, we found ourselves well-positioned to plug those shortages, with stock flying off the shelf. As the demand for parts boomed, our staff also grew, with exceptionally skilled, talented and knowledgeable people, all sharing the same passion for cycling. Cycletrade as we know it today was born.

Present & Future

To us, Cycletrade is more than just a business. It’s a concept, aimed at creating seamless trading of surplus new and second-hand bike parts, with the highest quality standards and at the best prices for our retail partners and the public.

This year alone, we have recirculated 4,000 items that would have sat in warehouses and garages, making Cycletrade a successful example of a circular economy that is kind to the environment.

Our business is constantly evolving, incorporating innovative solutions. Recently, we have invested in new cleaning technologies, installed a photo studio in our warehouse, and improved our listing system. Our operations have also expanded, with parts sold and dispatched across the UK and overseas.

Although the company has gone through many changes, one thing will always stay the same: each one of our customers will receive the best service from our dedicated team, as demonstrated by the ever-growing customer base that ranges from cycling enthusiasts to professional cyclists, avid collectors and cycling businesses.

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