We Consign

Offloading old stock has never been easier. We will consign, clean, photograph, store, sell and ship you items! So you can focus on what matters!

We Wholesale

Businesses are entitled to a discounted rate when shopping at our store. Using second hand parts is a cost effective way to do repairs.

we redistbrute

By supporting the circular economy, we can cut your lead times and costs whilst reducing waste going to landfill.

Do you have overstock/old season/RETURNS/2ND hAND pARTS that ARE sitting in your SHOP/warehouse?

We will manage the sale of your Overstock, Returns & Excess inventory freeing up time for you to focus on what matters!  .   

Why Cycletrade? 

Our skills lie in appraising, uploading and selling Bicycle(s)/Components. We have over 2000 single active items on our high traffic website at any one time and we use a variety of multi-channel marketplaces & advertising methods to get the items maximum visibility and most importantly sold.  
Our listings get 5 x more views compared to items on a single marketplace. We also offer international shipping, so our audience is much bigger. 

How do you make it easy? 

We will be your personal sales machine, we will collect, store, catalogue, upload, price and sell your items!

If you look at any of the items on our website, you will see the pride we take when listing and uploading items and this is the same pride we will take with your Items and make sure they are quickly sold and have a full life of use.  

Who do we work with?

We work with a variety of Bike Shops, Online Retailers, Insurance Companies, Wholesaler to consign and quickly sell their excess inventory. 

What sort of items do you take on consignment? 

We can take both New & 2nd Hand Premium Parts in minimum quantity of 50 Items with a resale value of £5000+ all together. We cannot accept defective components or individual parts with a resale value of below £25 unless there is a large quantity of these.  

What sort of prices can you achieve?

We can achieve a fair market value for the items, where we will give the buyers a fair price and the sellers a fair sale price. We know what prices items sell at as opposed to hope to sell at, which will lead to longer timescales.  

What timescale can I expect? 

Our rule of thumb is 30 Days! We will do all we can to turn the items in to cash in 30 Days.  If you have a shorter or longer timescale, we can acommodate. 

Marketplaces mask our brand! Meaning that selling through them, we can't really channel clients to our own shop/website, how do you solve this?

If you choose, We can add your logo as a watermark to the listings, meaning every viewer will see your brand. We can also include your leaflet in every item you sell also increasing your brand awarenesss. 

How do you pay and can I reclaim VAT?  

Every week, we will send you a report on what has sold and the full payment for these items. We will then invoice you +VAT for our Services. Our commissions can vary from 20%-40% Depending on quantity and timescales.  

How can I proceed?  

Please feel free to contact us via the link below, we will get some preliminary information on some of the items you stock and give you some values we could achieve. We will come out to visit you to understand your needs better, find out what you want to achieve and how we can create a relationship that lasts.

Pharmacy Product

Trade discount available

All Surgical Glove

Liquidate your old stock