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The complete list :/

New & Pre-Owned! 

Brief note from our buyer

‘We love buying 2nd hand parts as we can really add value to them. We can purchase new in boxed parts also, but pre-owned/near new will always be our main focus.’

Groupsets & Groupset Parts (Recent and Older Models)

-105/Ultegra/Dura-Ace/DI2 Groupsets &  Parts

-Deore/SLX/XT/XTR Groupset Parts

-Road & MTB Power-meters

-GRX Groupset Parts

-SRAM Premium Level NX, Apex +

-All Campagnolo 


-Disc Quality Branded Framesets Carbon/Steel/Titanium

-Immaculate Rim Brake Carbon Framesets



-Hunt Wheels

-Carbon Road/MTB Wheelsets

-XT/XTR/Ultergra/Dura Ace Wheelsets

-Mavic Wheelsets

-Hope Wheelsets




-SRAM Guide

-Hope Tech

-TRP Spyre/Hydro





-All Campagnolo

Forks & Rear Shocks

-Fox all models near new or have some form of evidence of service within the last year

-Rockshox All Models 

Dropper Seatposts

Fox Transfer 

Rockshox Reverb/Wireless


Deore, XT, XTR

105, Ultegra, Dura Ace

Time Pedals

Look Keo

NOS! & Unique Parts

We love NOS! New Old Stock, So if you have some classy bits, Let us know 


Dura Ace/Sugino NJS

NJS Parts

Hub Gear

Sturmey Archer Hubs, XRD-8, XRD

Alfine Hubs


We love doing clearouts for Bikes and Parts all in one go. If you have accumulated a lot of parts over the years and want to do a full clearout in one go :)

If you’re unsure whether we will be interested, please feel free to drop us a email at buyer@cycletrade.co.uk.

We have also made a little blog on tips on how to sell to Cycletrade Quickly here;

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