What do you mean by Fully-Refurbished?

We provide each bike a full service which includes:

Removing the wheels gears
Removing transmission parts and clean or replace them
Clean the wheels – tension and true them
Check for any brake blocks and replace them if necessary
Replacing all the cables
We often replace the chain, cassette and other components when necessary.

We also offer a one month repair guarantee but if you do have an accident or damage the bike yourself, there may be a small cost incurred.

What determines your prices?

Our prices are determined by the following:

Condition of the bicycle
2. Brand of the bicycle

3. Production of any proof of purchase/receipts

Please note: Any offer may be lower without a receipt and we would have to do a security check. 

What is your Grading System?

Our grading system is as follows:

(A) – Excellent Condition

(B) – Good Condition

(F) – Functional

(NF) – Not Functional

(S) – Strip

How does your Part-Exchange system work?

We will offer you a Trade Value and with that value, you can use that on any of our bikes or products.

If your trade value exceeds the value of the goods you’re buying, we can offer cash on top.

If your trade value is below the value of good that you’re buying, you will have to add cash on top.

How can I sell my bicycle or parts?

Selling your bicycle is easy! You can complete our Sell Your Bicycle form and we’ll get back to with a cash offer / trade value. If you accept our offer, we can arrange a collection or you can visit our store.

How can I Part-Exchange my Bicycle or Parts?

Part-Exchange is also easy. You can fill in our Part-Exchange Form. We'll get back to you with a value. With that value, you can use against any of our Items, Cash paid or given.