We Buy

We are the largest buyer of premium second-hand bikes and bike parts in the UK. We have simplified the process to make selling and buying second hand easier than ever.

We Refurbish

We strip, clean and restore bikes and bike parts to certified refurbished standards. We aim to be at the forefront of the circular economy.

We sell

Items are resold on our website and discounted to bike shops, who are often on the lookout for bits and pieces.

Selling faqs

Answering our most commonly asked questions about selling to us!

Do you buy any type of bike? 

We buy road, gravel, mountain and electric bicycles with original retail price between £700-£2000, in good working condition and with good-quality components.
 Unfortunately we are not able to buy entry-level bikes like Carrera, Tiger, Apollo, Custom Painted, Tandem, BMX, unbranded bikes or bikes with cracked frames.  

What kind of parts do you buy? 

We are primarily a part reseller so we are interested in any good working condition parts. 
Our specialty is premium bicycle parts like quality framesets, disc and carbon wheel sets, groupsets and groupset parts, and new or hardly used boxed parts.  

How do you value used bikes and parts? 

We pride ourselves on our valuation accuracy. We carefully consider several aspects for each item, like component value, previously sold similar items, time of the year, condition of the item, alongside other factors.  

How much can I expect to earn? 

Our offer is simple. We give back between 50% and 70% of the resale value, depending on demand, age, and condition of the item.  

Why do you require an honest description of the item? 

We make offers based on your description of the item. Therefore, please clearly describe any cosmetic flaws or mechanical defects so we can make an accurate offer.

What is the process of selling my used items? 

You will send us the item’s details, including a description of the item condition and receive an offer from Cycletrade. You can then post the item, drop it off at our warehouse or have it collected. We will receive payment after we confirm the items are as described, which usually happens on the same day we receive them.  

Where will my items go? 

We want to be at the forefront of the circular economy, so every item we buy will be cleaned and restored to certified refurbished standards. Your items will then be resold on our website or discounted to bike shops who are often looking for bits and pieces.  

What if I want to sell quickly?  

Usually, we are able to complete the sale within 48 hours, thanks to our efficient system.  

What if I have multiple premium parts to sell?  

If you have multiple premium parts to sell, you can access our multi-sell option here. You will be able to bulk upload a list of your items and we can value them individually and respond with an individual parts offer and a bulk buy offer.  

How do you pay?  

We pay via bank transfer or through the Paypal friends and family feature after careful inspection of the item.  

I have sold to you before, do I have to fill in a new form?

If you’ve sold to us before, hello again! First of all, we want to thank you for being a valued customer. Luckily, we do have your details safely stored so we can speedily buy your items. If you’re a business selling to us, please take a look at our B2B section to find out more on how to partner up with us.  

Buying faqs

Answering our most commonly asked questions about buying from our store!

What do you mean by Certified Refurbished?  

Thanks for asking, all of our parts are thoroughly cleaned, restored and tested to show full functioning order.  

Why do your parts look new?  

A lot of the time they are Grade A+ NEW as we work with a variety of Bike Shops, Online Retailers and Manufacturers to sell their excess inventory.  

Are all of your items in stock?  

Yes! Every item we have on our website is in stock. We work incredibly hard to maintain our fully functional inventory management system.  

Do you use stock photos?  

We call our products VIP’s (Very important products). They get the full service through cleaning and tested. They are then professionally photographed and then they are well stored ready for shipping. *Every item photographed is of the item being sold* 

I’ve ordered, How long will shipping be?  

We offer 2-4 Day delivery and Next day Shipping at checkout; click here to check our most recent shipping updates 

Can I check compatibility?  

Yes! Confirming compatibility can save you a lot of hassle. We have a compatibility buddy service. Any questions you have on compatibility, feel free to fill in the following form and we will contact you on the same day.  

Do you price match?  

Yes we do! If you see any of our items being sold cheaper by an online retailer that has an item in-stock, we’re more than happy to price match. Feel free to contact us via the following link.  

Shipping faq'S

Answering our most commonly asked questions about Shipping!

Does Next-Day Delivery include Weekends?

Next Day Delivery is next working day, so if you order on Monday before 3pm, your order will be with you Next Day. If you order on Thursday evening at 6pm, your order will be with you on Monday at the Latest. 

Do you ship internationally?

We ship internationally, but there will be Duties and Taxes to pay upon arrival.  If you would like to contact us, we can find the cost for you and find the most economical courier. 

I live in the Channel islands and am tax exempt, can you take off the vat?

As many of our items come under the margin scheme due to being bought from private buyers, we cannot remove the VAT. Some of our New Items do include VAT in the cost, so please message us of this is the case and we can assist. 

What Couriers do you use?

We offer super speedy shipping by our 3 main couriers Hermes (2-4 Days), Parcelforce Next Day Delivery and APC (2-4 Days)

Can i track my order?

Yes! Once your order is despatched, you will get an email with the full tracking details. You can also check out live chat and type in your delivery details and get an instant update. 

My order has not been delivered yet and its passed the delivery estimate time?

We're sorry to hear this, please get in contact with us and we will contact the courier and get the latest updates and get the package to you safely and efficiently.

our Grading system

This is our grading system for buying and for selling. If you are planning on selling us a bike part, place refer to this chart when evaluating it's condition.