We meet a minimum standard on all items we sell under our Ride-Ready Guarantee!

Our guarantee means we will never list parts or bikes that require servicing upon arrival. Parts are sold ready to be installed and bikes are sold having been fully cleaned and serviced.  Any mechanical work will always be carried out prior to listing by a qualified mechanic to ensure the products we sell are smooth and precise in operation before they reach you. This means that essential parts like bearings will be replaced if necessary.


Components, framesets and wheels are given a preliminary clean before they are performance tested and visually inspected for any structural defects, especially ones which would render them dangerous to use such as cracks in carbon.

Products then moves on to a thorough refurbishment process. Any defective parts will be noted and replaced if necessary.

We clean products to a high standard, using a combination of hand-cleaning methods and ultrasonic cleaning of suitable parts. We ensure that parts are never lacking appropriate lubrication.

Products are then given a final check-over before being listed.

Full bikes undergo a similar process whereby every part is performance tested and inspected for structural defects. 

Bikes are then given a deep clean which may involve a partial strip or full strip depending on its condition.

As bikes are rebuilt, any overly worn parts are replaced. We always use appropriate assembly products (greases, carbon paste, retaining compounds etc).

Bikes are then fully tuned and calibrated before a final wipedown and polish. 

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