To make things even easier, we are running through the items that we buy and sell most often. Our bread & butter items. Obviously the value we can offer for these items is based on the condition that they are in. We have gone in to detail about our grading system here, but have also got the grading specification at the bottom of this page. 

This isn't an exclusive list of items that we buy, but it should give you an idea of what we are looking for. Most Shimano and SRAM parts are good, for example, but we don't buy Shimano Tourney parts. There just isn't enough resale value in them. If they were cheap first hand; then we won't be able to buy them now. Parts that come off builds and parts that were bought as upgrades in the past are more our market.

We don't have any interest in Carrera and Apollo bikes either.


Item Grade

Cosmetic Condition

Mechanical Condition



Sealed to Manufacturer standards.

Full Mechanical Order/No Wear

New Boxed Item, Never been used.


May have a mark due to mis-handling or no marks/scratches.

Full Mechanical Order/No to Near no wear

Item that is from an Ex Demo Bike or a Stripped Dealer Bike.


May have minimal markings/scratch

Full Mechanical Order/ Little Wear

Item that has been installed on a Bike. Bike has had minimal use. May have an odd scratch.

B    (GOOD)

May have minimal marks/scratching.

Full Mechanical Order/ Slightly Worn, but plenty of life left

Item that has been used and will have a small number of cosmetic blemishes but is in full functional order.


Will have a few marks and scratches that will be visible.

Full Mechanical Order/ Seen good use, but fully functional

Item has seen a good amount of use and has as expected, a few cosmetic blemishes, however is in full functioning order.

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