Di2 Battery - Dura ace/Ultegra Battery & Charger- Grade B

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Type: Di2 Battery & Charger
Brand: Shimano

Model: Dura-Ace/Ultegra

Size: 7.4V Battery
Model: Di2 Charger - SM-BCR1, Battery - SM-BTR1
Colour: Black

Item grade - B - These are in good condition. There is a little bit of dirt within the battery holder but it is all in working order. 

Cycletrade Comments; 

Dura-Ace Di2 (Dual Integrated Intelligence) moves to the next generation. Tested in competition and taken to victory by pro riders in all conditions, including the 2012 Tour de France Team Sky.

Every part of a Di2 setup hinges on the battery - without power it just won't work! Charge up this highly efficient battery for up to 2000km of use.

Key Feature

  • The power house of Dura-Ace Di2 is a long-life 7.4V Li-Ion battery that is both compact and reliable, taking shifting effort away from you.
  • Excellent sealing and reliability have been proven through repeated field tests in various riding conditions, including extreme temperatures, rain, mud, and cobble stone roads.
  • Using a hard wired battery system which is both light weight and accurate compared to current wireless technology (as a wireless system would require 4 batteries: one for the RD, one for the FD, and one for each shift lever).
  • The use of a single small and discreet battery is light weight, efficient and creates a robust and reliable system.
  • One charge can give between 1000 and 2000 (around 1200 miles) kilometre range depending on conditions and front derailleur operation (as this is the main power drain).
  • Reliable and secure water resistant connectors.
  • Easily removable for charging.

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