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Our Gold package is our best plan that covers pretty much everything. We check all parts, clean all parts, adjust everything and lubricate anything that needs it. Perfect for bikes that haven't been out of the shed in a few years! 

We'll give your Bike the love it needs!

  • Frame and forks cleaned & checked for alignment
  • Both wheels are trued. Spokes are changed in necessary
  • Bike is stripped, cleaned, and rebuilt
  • Hubs are checked and adjusted
  • Headset checked and adjusted
  • Bottom bracket checked and adjusted
  • Brake calipers are cleaned
  • Brakes are serviced. Pads & cables changed if necessary
  • Gears are serviced & indexed. Cables are changed if necessary
  • Hanger is realigned
  • Complete lubrication of all drivetrain
  • Tyres are checked for wear & inflated to correct pressure
  • Seatpost removed, cleaned and lubricated
  • Whole bike is checked & torqued to the correct setting

This package is £70 and we will fix all of the parts mentioned, but if parts are past the point of being repaired, they will need to be replaced. This isn't included in the £70 price, but we aim to provide the most cost-effective and safe solution.

To keep our Prices as competitive as possible, we can offer a range of Refurbished Parts as well as new parts. We all offer a Price-Match Guarantee.

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